Virtual NVR Solution

Fail-safe, enterprise scale distributed systems designed to maximise investments providing measurable returns on investment

Dedicated Micros Virtual NVR solutions are perfect for enterprise level builds, containing hundreds of IP cameras. In this form of architecture a video recorder isn’t needed for every 16/32 cameras, with one master database all that is needed for installation and nodes of cameras connected to Network And Storage Controllers strategically situated around the premises.

Although the design is network based, recording is completely fail-safe through edge recording. In this scenario all cameras record directly onto the Network And Storage Controller, which is then transmitted to the centralised server. In the event of network failure the recoding carries on to the Network And Storage Controller until the network is operational when it is transferred to the central server.

Using Closed IPTV’s automatic configuration, installing a Virtual NVR solution is as simple as plugging the cameras into the N2S and managing the database build from the Closed IPTV master, situated locally. Installation times are further reduced when utilised with SmartVu cameras, which provide auto focus and remote zoom, enabling commissioning of the cameras from a remote location, saving both time and money.

Latest high-speed data lines connect multiple sites and buildings in order to create a single pure IP system, driving greater efficiency through centralised operation control. Management is completely seamless through the NetVu Connected architecture, enabling the entire system to be controlled from a single user interface, which can be replicated in multiple locations throughout the estate.

SmartVu Cameras

Network And Storage Controller

Coming in 720p, 1080p and 3MP formats, the SmartVu cameras provide excellent image quality for all levels of applications, allowing scenes to be monitored more effectively, and action to be taken quickly and efficiently. Providing auto focus and remote zoom allows for a quick network implementation and simple camera alterations.

The N2S is the key behind the Virtual NVR architecture, allowing for up to 16 IP camera connections. The nodes of cameras can then be distributed throughout the build, all connected over the network. The N2S also provides storage redundancy, with 2.5” HDD encased, allowing for video recording even when the network is down.

Why Virtual NVR?

HD IP Solution : In Detail

Small -Scale IP Video Surveillance Solution.

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