Closed IPTV - Secure video IP networking

Historically, many integrators attempted to solve IP video systems security vulnerabilities by creating systems, which are completely, separate from the corporate network and therefore cannot be used as a “host” for attack. Dedicated Micros perceived this as a backwards step and a complete failure to integrate the system into business operations.

In order to program IP cameras individually, create firewalls and VLANS ensuring complete protection of the corporate network, the installation time for the integrator and IT Manager are multiplied many times over – an additional cost which does not seem tangible until there is a problem. In most cases the additional programming required is simply not done – leaving the user with a poor implementation that has a lower chance of achieving the return on investment they wished for.

DM recognises the issues related to securing an IP video system and in response have created the patented Closed IPTV, inherent in all NetVu Connected devices, which employs innovative design with standard IT industry protocols including: automatic port mapping to camera, zeroconf IP address allocation, dual IP addressing, automatic creation of firewalls and secure VLANS for the IP cameras.

The critical benefit of Closed IPTV is that you can have your Video systems completely protected from malicious threats, while still being able to access the system from the corporate network without creating vulnerabilities as a result.

Closed IPTV Benefits

Firewalls automatically created

Firewalls are automatically created in the IP camera and/or server for enhanced video and network security purposes.

Fast set up and maintenance

Fast set up and maintenance resulting in increased security of camera streams due to automatically defined VLANS.

Trusted endpoint technology

Trusted endpoint technology results in enhanced security, generation and exchange of a secure “key” between the end point and the server which, if breached, generated an alarm on the system and automatic lock down of the port in question.

Zeroconf addressing

Zeroconf addressing scheme finds IP cameras and assigns IP addresses to them without the need for a DHCP or DNS server. A time and resource saving feature.

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