Protecting the Banking industry with Dedicated Micros HD solutions

The banking sector is synonymous with being a secure, technologically advanced industry.

With such large sums at sake, it is important that the correct tools are put in place to ensure banks and financial institutions are as protected as they can be from a large number of potential crime avenues - a security solution from Dedicated Micros is the perfect means.

Dedicated Micros Advantages

  • Enables high definition and quality patient-monitoring
  • Protect premises from break ins and vandalism
  • Monitor scenes to prevent fraudulent claims
  • Simple post event review capability
  • Utilise existing infrastructure to create HD solution

Banking Industry Issues

Meeting Banking challenges with Innovative Solutions

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    HD Post Event Analysis

    Dedicated Micros extensive range of high definition cameras provide the ideal media to review post event footage in superior quality, allowing the appropriate action to be taken in a timely and efficient manner.

    This could be simply for identification purposes, as a form of evidence at a trial, or for reviewing new methods of criminal activity.

  • banking dvip atm

    DVIP-ATM In Focus

    Specifically sized for installation within the confined conditions of an ATM machine, the DV-IP ATM processes transaction data, which is then recorded with the video footage.

    Post event analysis via the built in text search engine provides video imagery of the ATM user plus transaction information. This will then allow the branch customer services team to quickly resolve any genuine customer withdrawal disputes.

    Spot monitor support provides a visual deterrent which helps to assure customers and staff of a safe and secure cash withdrawal facility.

  • cost effective solutions

    Cost Effective, Scalable Solutions

    The key issue in providing a security solution for a financial institution is about implementing one, which delivers effective results at an affordable cost.

    Dedicated Micros security solutions provide a platform that benefits from being simple to install, offering advanced features such as remote focus of cameras to automatic network security.

    Existing analogue or IP infrastructure can also be utilised in order to transition to a state of the art, HD system without the costly need for a complete new implementation.

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