HD Analogue Solution

Upgrade to high definition utilising existing cabling infrastructure

Dedicated Micros HD Analogue technology is able to utilise existing coaxial or twisted pair cabling infrastructure to transmit HD 720p video from camera to DVR. This allows users to seamlessly and cost effectively upgrade their legacy CCTV systems to a state of the art solution with minimum installation impacts.

Running in either standard 960H Analogue or High Definition 720p, HD Analogue cameras can be run up to 500m with no need for a signal booster, providing next to zero latency, this is five times the distance of IP systems providing flexibility and scope for expansion.

With Dedicated Micros enhanced SD Advanced HD Analogue cameras can be used in conjunction with IP cameras. This provides flexibility and diversity by connecting up to 16 HD Analogue cameras with the remaining made up of IP.

HD Analogue is perfect for a vast array of applications: retail, hospitality, offices, warehouses, factories, sports facilities etc by providing a high definition video system competitively priced vs traditional analogue and IP systems.

Being utilised with the enhanced SD advanced hybrid DVR/NVR means the HD Analogue cameras can be used in conjunction with DM’s SmartVu range to provide a solution containing both IP and HD Analogue video.

It’s variety of use cases can also be expanded to become a sub-section of a Virtual NVR system, where clear, crisp HD Analogue images become necessary.

The Ice2 camera range now includes Up The Coax (UTC) On Screen Display (OSD) menu control with UTC switching between HD and standard analogue resolution to come soon.

Ice2 Cameras

SD Advanced

Why HD Analogue?

HD Analogue Solution : In Detail

Pure High Definition analogue solution forsmall applications, typically up to 16 cameras

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