Protecting Healthcare employees, property and patients with a Dedicated Micros surveillance solution

Health is undoubtedly the most valuable asset a person has; yet it is still the case that health care professionals and practices face daily threats to their safety and belongings. A security solution from Dedicated Micros provides a cost effective, simple to install means of improving safety and security for individuals and premises.

Hospitals have a hard job. Most of the time when people enter they, or someone they know is having health problems. That means they are often in precarious, stressful situations. The result is that there is an unfortunately high number of crimes committed in hospitals around the country every year.

Dedicated Micros Advantages

  • Enables high definition and quality patient-monitoring
  • Protect premises from break ins and vandalism
  • Monitor scenes to prevent fraudulent claims
  • Simple post event review capability
  • Utilise existing infrastructure to create HD solution

Healthcare Industry Issues

Meeting Healthcare challenges with Innovative Solutions

The fact assaults against staff appear to be on the increase in a symptom of the enormous pressure hospitals are facing from the rising frustration of increased waiting times, understaffed and busy wards. A strong and well designed security solution can not only act as a deterrent to people who would otherwise act violently but can be used as an evidential tool, used to analyze the situation, post event, in evidential quality HD footage.

The essence here is to create a solution that enhances staff/patient/visitor security creating a safe working environment, boosting staff morale and allowing them to work in an environment where they can focus more on providing life saving procedures and less on worrying about personal welfare.

  • existing_infrastructure

    Utilise Existing Infrastrucure

    When it comes to choosing the right solution, it is inevitable that a number of factors come into consideration including customised needs, return on investment, process enhancement and support. Dedicated Micros can meet all of these important requirements.

    HD Analogue technology can utilise existing coaxial infrastructure to deliver high definition images, meaning minimal installation times and no need for a whole building re-wire while PowerScript allows for additional value to be created in systems though the integration with existing processes such as access control, truly maximising returns on investment.

  • Monitor Scenes In Full HD

    Dedicated Micros extensive range of HD quality analogue and IP cameras provide an ideal solution for monitoring premises, providing peace of mind and a sense of increased security for all staff and patients.

    Cameras can be viewed remotely over the network using NetVu Observer while TransCoding allows remote playback in lower resolutions, meaning independent, uninterrupted streaming to remote devices such as a mobile.

  • Protecting The Corporate Network

    The patented Closed IPTV makes deploying a video surveillance system simple, secure and safe. Featuring benefits such as dual IP camera addressing, end point to end point isolation, Zeroconf addressing, automatic firewalls and deterministic camera set up Closed IPTV ensures a solution that protects the corporate network from malicious, outside attacks, safeguarding sensitive data and patient information.

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