Enables complex, logical alarm handling routines to be developed/implemented while integrating external source data to create extra user value.

PowerScripting enables user integration of complex, logical, alarm handling routines and integration of data from external sources. Extra value is created for the user through interactions with business processes such as access control, building management, process control and manpower management. The result is a measurable return on investment tied in with operational process enhancement such as retail loss prevention.

Functionality of NetVu Connected products are extended by allowing installers, system integrators and users to develop powerful bespoke applications. Using the interpreted C programming language, PowerScript allows anyone with program writing knowledge to develop custom applications to run on NetVu Connected devices.


  • Custom scripts developed to enhance process efficiency in any market
  • Allows user / system to manage effective responses
  • Helps to cut process costs, therefore increasing profitability
  • Greater returns on investment in both the security solution and processes
  • Ensures vital events are recorded at all times
  • Remote visual confirmation of an event or system status

PowerScript Examples

  • access control powerscript

    Access Control

    PowerScript can allow a NetVu Connected device to interface into an Access Control Solution to provide operators with visual verification of an individual wishing to obtain access, for example :

  • pos integration


    PowerScript has a massive role to play in the enhancements of retail processes. With margins shrinking, reducing costs such as shrinkage are becoming of vital importance. Dedicated Micros solutions can :

  • access lock solutions


    In a scenario where not only company, but expensive guest assets are situated, a security solution that provides more than just video recording is vital.

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