Improve your profitability with innovative HD solutions

Dedicated Micros Advantages

  • Help improve customer service
  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Enhance staff security
  • Improve profitability
  • Increase productivity of security personnel
  • Boost visual merchandising standardisation
  • Health and safety monitoring

Retail Industry Issues

With a rise in Shrink levels by over 22% to £5.03bn in 2014 retailers are waking up to the fact that in a market where margins are growing increasingly tighter, this is an area of operations that must be addressed in order to improve profitability.

Of in store shrink, customer theft accounted for 39% while employee theft and fraud accounted for 33%. These are two areas where effective HD video surveillance can have a massive impact. It not only acts as a visual deterrent, making individuals more cautious knowing they are being actively monitored, it can also be used as a potent evidential tool, helping to prosecute criminals.

The retail industry is still overwhelmingly dominated (c. 70%) by ageing PAL format, analogue solutions, which often fail to capture the detail provided when it comes to providing evidential materials. Dedicated Micros range of IP and HD Analogue solutions facilitate a simple upgrade to HD quality video, providing the necessary level of detail to clearly identify people and objects in it’s field of view.

Meeting Retail challenges with Innovative Solutions

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  • pos integration

    POS integration

    DM’s PowerScripting technology enables user customisation of logical, alarm handling routines and integration of data from external sources. Extra value is created for the retailer through integration with business processes e.g. EAS alarms, POS transaction monitoring, access control and queue management.

    The result is an immediate measurable return on investment tied in with operational improvements in areas such as loss prevention. Completely customisable using C-scripts, users with programming employees can write their own scripts dramatically improving existing processes in a tailored manner.

  • hd analogue cables

    HD Analogue

    DM’s differentiated HD hybrid systems are perfect for upgrading existing analogue retail estates. Utilising pre-installed coaxial cabling, it is able to transmit, record and live stream 720p HD images from camera to DVR.

    Ideally suited to fast moving traffic areas the transmission and recording is done with next to zero latency on the local system, meaning potentially vital fast movements are never missed. Up The Coax (UTC) camera configuration allows for remote implementation, saving time and money on installations. DM’s SD Advanced DVRs are capable of managing video from IP cameras, standard definition and HD analogue definition cameras.

  • shoplifting hd cctv

    Full HD

    Dedicated Micros Virtual NVR solutions are perfect for enterprise and multi site retail installations, containing hundreds of IP cameras. The system is entirely network based and recording is completely fail-safe through its redundant architecture and dual domain edge/central recording. The hardened network management layer in this architecture enures that the NetVu Connected IP cameras cannot be used as a platform for a cyber attack. The storage arrays can be deployed locally or centrally and the entire system can be managed by the IT department through DM’s Archive Management System.