Protecting the Leisure industry with Dedicated Micros HD solutions

Projecting a warm, welcoming environment to guests is pivotal for hotels, allowing free movement around public spaces. This “open door” policy inevitably facilitates opportunistic thieves and gangs, so protecting these areas with CCTV is an effective and unobtrusive means of security. Areas of the hotel that cannot be manned at all times can also be monitored effectively, such as the car park, where motion detection can alert a monitoring guard to activity around guests high value assets.

As well as the obvious crime deterrent and investigation use, CCTV cameras can now be used as a real time monitoring solution, that can go a long way to improving the productivity of a hotel. Checking staff productivity and workload can be done remotely, while inventory can be tracked and levels checked, ensuring planning accuracy.

Health and safety is paramount to the successful operation of hotels and leisure facilities. CCTV cameras provide a perfect means for monitoring whether health and safety protocols are being adhered to, and can be used as a form of training material if incidences occur.

Meeting Leusire Industry challenges with Innovative Solutions

  • Integration

    Dedicated Micros PowerScript allows user customisation of complex, logical alarm handling routines and integration of data from external sources. This enables DM to add additional value for users through integration with existing business processes such as Access Control and Building Management Systems. PowerScript uses C language, a general purpose computer programming language, meaning scripts can be developed and implemented at user level, by anyone with programming knowledge, creating a further level of customisation within the devices.

  • Multi Site Monitoring

    When dealing with hotels owning multiple sites, being able to control the security solutions for multiple hotels from one central location is a massive advantage. Storage is fail safe through

  • pos integration

    Till Monitoring

    Unfortunately, as is the case when large sums of money are involved, transactions at till level are often open to abuse. Dedicated Micros can link the EPOS (electronic point of sale) system to the CCTV, using the unique details captured on receipts to time stamp transactions and record both parties. The data captured can be searched for using the receipt details or the transaction times meaning the footage in question can be readily accessed for review, allowing the appropriate action to be taken at all times.

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