MultiMode - Instantaneous change in bit rate XXXXX

Dedicated Micros MultiMode allows an event or other pre-determined trigger from Video Motion Detection (VMD), analytics and alarms to affect an instantaneous change in bit rate and resolution. Full HD streams are generated when needed, e.g. for identification purposes, otherwise a standard definition stream saves up to 50% of the users storage capacity, saving storage costs and increasing return on investment.

The polymorphic uplift allows for uninterrupted streaming and recording, with no necessity to stop/start the stream in order to affect the change in resolution. This ensures important event footage is never missed while always recording important details in full HD quality.

MultiMode Benefits

Peace Of Mind

Enables important events to be recorded and accessed in full HD should they need to be reviewed, offering evidential quality images.

Save Storage

When the scene is quiet, a standard definition stream is recorded, saving up to 50% on storage needs.

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