Transcoding - Record in high resolution with remote playback in suitable bandwidth resolution.

Available on all NetVu Connected DVR’s and Video Servers, TransCoding allows for video recorded in a high resolution to be simultaneously viewed at a lower resolution, with no effect on the quality of the recorded images, when transmitted over bandwidth constrained networks. For example a security guard can review footage from a remote location over a mobile device, allowing the appropriate follow up action to be taken.

Unlike other systems that force the viewer to stream the recorded image, blocking the ability to quickly access event details, TransCoding allows rapid access of recorded video. Whilst allowing quick and efficient post event analysis, TransCoding also protects the detailed recording for evidential purposes.

Dedicated Micros generates independent streams for remote playback allowing mobile devices to review footage at a faster update rate to quickly pinpoint video if interest. This efficient playback of high-resolution images means the network doesn’t become choked up from playback data. This is especially beneficial when mobile devices are concerned and means low bandwidth links can be used to affectively access the necessary images.

TransCoding Benefits

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